Bullet 1 $975.00 + GST This Silver Bullett is a lead generating technique that will help you turn 1 listing into 2 or even more - time and time again. You take a photo and we do the rest.

How does it work?

We use Facebook every time you have a new listing, but we do it before it is publicly marketed. We use a preview image of the property and then combine it with your personalised secret listing banner which encourages the potential buyer to click for more information.

Research has shown that most buyers want to be the first to hear about potential properties that might interest them. Secret Listing plays on that emotion and delivers for you and your seller.

How does that produce listings for you?

We simply ask the potential buyer to answer one simple question before we take them to the property details. Are you Upgrading, Downsizing, Investing or are you a First Home Buyer?

Then we market to them on your behalf. They drop into the specific campaign based on what they have selected and with a series of cleverly crafted emails, marketing you and your company by offering some helpful tips and advice, we nurture the relationship and put you in a great position to secure them as your client at the critical moment – when they are ready to list.

Let Silver Bullett Secret Listing keep your listing funnel topped up. Sellers and buyers will love that you are using it.

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